Sampler RAM requirements


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I'm about to buy my first sampler, the Yamaha A4000.
It comes with 4Mb RAM as standard, and that sounds a bit too small, so I'm thinking about bringing up to 16Mb (or 24Mb if the 4Mb sim stays)

Everybody uses samplers for different purposes. I often see fully stuffed samplers being sold in the classifieds, with 128Mb!!

How much RAM do you have in your sampler? What kind of sounds do you use it for (such as drum sounds, drum loops, indiviual notes of an instrument or whole riffs...vocals etc).

I'll be using mine for Psychedellic/Acid/Hard/Progressive Trance/Techno. I'll be using it to play back sounds effects + short vocals, so the length of the samples could be as long as 10 seconds...(an estimate).

Tell me if you think 16Mb is too much, just right or too little. Feedback please!




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Very simple answer: go for something like 64Meg. That will be enough, to be on the safe side. 32Meg will get you into trouble. For example, if you buy a sampling CD like, say Distorted reality 2, you'll soon find out that you need at least (!) 32megs to profit from the great programs. Even if it'll cost you an arm and a leg, go for it.


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Got it!

Well, I've gone and bought the Electrix WarpFactory and the A4000, with 36Mb. Should be enough...I was sampling some gregorian chant...(monks going ahhhh) add to my Acid Trance track...and a phrase @ 150bpm around 8 bars comes to about 6Mb...I think I've got enough here!

It'll be a few days while I get to learn how to do the time stretching I need a few more cables an adaptors to connect it up the right way.

My tracks will be rolling out on demo tapes in a few months, and everythings going cool...met the label manager/party promoter from PICKLE at a rave last Friday night...we talked for ages...we're on the saqme wavelength I think I could be in for an easy deal..!


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A4000 - 34MB

I got 32 mb extra when i got my A4000 (total 34mb) which i find is plenty (for now anyway !!!).



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i bought an A3k when they furst came out and put an 8gig hard drive in and 128meg of Ram. Over the top, but it is useful sometimes. 1 minute of 41khz stereo sampling needs 10 megs of Ram -\ mono needs 5 megs, all changes if u sample at lower kilohertz rates.
I was lucky, the version 2 operating chip only just came out as i bought it, and allowed 1 gig partitions (of which there can be only 8, as opposed to the Highlander immortals of which ..."there can be only one"). So yeah i was one of those guys who had a cheap equip source and played it for all it was worth;?
'''''''128 meg of sampling ram is handy for getting on your synth, freaking and tweaking for twelve point seven minutes, and then chopping out the good bits then extracting the sample and discarding the rest.
'''''''2 gig hard drive is all that's needed for convenience.
'''''''a highhat sample or vocal quote is probably 20k or something, as is a snare, kick, or synth stab (which, with loop crossfading can be turned into an infinite long synth note).