s/pdif on the Presonus Studio 68c


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tl,dr: Can I use the s/pdif out to play back PC audio without using a daw on the Presonus Studio 68c?

I am looking for a new interface and I would like to have a s/pdif out to connect to an external dac/amp. This needs to work without a daw. Opening a "control" programm would be fine, although not ideal.

Currently I am mainly looking into the Presonus Studio 68c and 1810c, as well as the Focusrite 8i6 and 18i8 (3rd gen).

Now my main question: Can I use the s/pdif out on the Studio 68c in the way described above?
The presonus support was only somewhat helpful here and I know that the 1810c can do it. But they said that outside a daw the s/pdif could only be used for clock on the 68c. However every other interface with s/pdif would be able to use it for audio as well using their universal control software. But in some videos the uc surfaces seemed basically the same (just with more in- / outputs).

Does anyone own the Studio 68c and can help me out here?
It would be very much appreciated since there is not much info on the s/pdif capabilities of these interfaces out there.