Ryzen 3200G pops and audio crackles with music production.


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I apologize if this topic has been talked about so many times on so many videos and sites. I've done a lot of research and none of the suggestions I tried worked and was specific to my system. So I'm hoping to possibly find different solutions for my issue.
Hello everyone,

For the longest time I was using my HP6510b laptop from 2007. It had a Core 2 Duo processor with 4GB RAM and 120GB SSD running Windows 7. It wasn’t the fastest, but I didn’t experience audio pops and crackles unless I overload the CPU with VST instruments and effects. It could run quite a few VSTs, like around 7-8 instruments and 15-20 effects. It was a decent experience overall.

Note: I use an M-audio 2X2M audio interface running at 512 samples, 48khz.

So, I recently bought a new budget desktop PC.
AMD Ryzen 3 3200G
Asrock A320M DVS R4.0 (not overclockable)
8GB HyperX Ram 2666mhz (single stick)
500 power supply (it’s branded but I forgot the name).
OS: Windows 10.

I thought that anything recent (2016 onward) would be way better than my 11+ year old laptop. I’ve always had a better experience with my friends’ using modest PC specs. However, I am experiencing audio pops and crackles using my new desktop PC even when doing simple tasks like opening FLAC or MP3 files using VLC player or play/pause/skipping through Youtube videos in Firefox. This is also true when I’m using Studio One and Reason (play/stop/skipping), even with just one or two instruments and some audio files loaded up.

I’ve tried all these suggestions (with DPC latency checker running):
1.) using all ports on my PC for my audio interface (tried different cables too)
2.) unplugging all other peripherals and tried different keyboards and mice
3.) updated my ASIO drivers and BIOS
4.) disabled network adapters and other devices on device manager
5.) disabled default audio devices, input and output (Realtek etc.)
6.) Uninstalled all bloat-ware and unnecessary software (drivers etc.)

I am aware that CPU performance and latency performance are two different things, I wonder why this is happening. Is it a voltage thing? Is it my audio interface? Is my setup just not up to par? Or are Ryzen 3s not good for real-time performance?

Sorry for the long post. All help will be appreciated.