Roland SP404 SX question


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Really basic questions here. I am looking into buying the 404.

Does Roland SP404 SX come with some basic drum (or other kits) presets?

I am looking for an easy to use sampler that already has some basic kits into it.

How easy is it to use? I just want something easy/ simple navigation to play around and save so I can do live as well.



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Don't know tbh, but it sounds like the korg electribe sampler is more in that vein, and in the same price bracket.
Most people with 404's use all samples from outside sources.
From what I can tell the Electribe sampler has presets, and a synth along with sampling.


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The Electribe doesn't have then same fx which is part of the fun of the 404. Especially if you want to use it live.

In regards to the samples, if I remember correctly it did have a few but nothing special and hey,,, its a sampler so you can always add your own. :rolleyes: Also, the 404 is better for loops...


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my buddies have the SP404 sampler. Uh, i don't think it has preset drum samples, but I could be wrong. if not, it probably isn't to hard to load them in. I've used it a few times and it's pretty easy to get going and make some beats on (but they already had the drum samples loaded in so it was ready to go).

...You have to connect it with an audio interface. So, in your daw you'll set the channel to whatever channel the SP404 is going through. Connect that channel to a track and it'll play through in your DAW (for recording an stuff)

but ya..... idk a lot about this, I only messed around with it for like 10 mins....
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One more thing I forgot to mention: I think Roland just dropped an updated version (sp404 "a").