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hey there fellaz, im a musician planning on buying a synth or a modul. (im only using software now)
Im mostly into trance music, and i wonder here if anyone knows if the Roland JP8080 is suitable for trance music?
or is there any better in the same price class?
i know there is a guy that uses this modul (
and thats exactly the kind of music im planning on composing when i get my hardware. but... i want to be secure that i make the right choice, so i dont go on and buy a decent synth, when i could get a whole lot better for the same price.


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Hi Djmerlin, welcome to OnlineDJ. :)

Well I got a JP8000...and when I bought it...there was not a lot of choices for this kind of keyboards...and the price was attractive compared to a nord lead. Well, actually I would not buy it...I think it's nice for pads sounds but I really don't like it for bass sounds...I don't know I think the envelop of the filter is really too slow and I got a lot of clicks on attacks for percussive sounds, and I really don't like that ! hehehe

For the same price range, let's have a look (and a ear) to:
Clavia Nord Lead 2 rack (I love the clavia sound) : $999 at
Novation Nova : $1199
Access Virus : $1279

Hope this helps ! :)

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elcome djmerlin ;)

I second nook... The JP8000 didn't get *great* reviews ever since it was out (a while ago by the way) and so many GREAT analog simulated synthesizer came out since then that it would be a shame to spend your money on one (the 8080 being a rack version of the 8000).

The Access VIRUS b or Indigo are great, the Novation SUPERNOVA II (rack please!) is awesome too. Sure they cost a little bit more, but they are worth every penny.

There is also the Oberheim OB12, but it is a bit less "trance" I think. But you might wanna check it out.

Good luck!


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Thanks for the answers.
I shall look at the nordlead2 rack then, cause the others are way out of my range of money, if u understand :)

anyway... ill keep coming to this site, u know why?

cause it ROXX! =)