rock is dead, why are people sheep?


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im so depressed, the charts are a joke, nitelife these days is a joke, why is there nothing special about this era?
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Something special is allways around. You just have to flow into the cosmos of a full life and suck it in.
I reckon we live in a massively interesting & kicking time.... yeah the planet has gone a*se-up but people are learning to love each other again (did the electronic music scene have nything to do with that I wonder....)

Oh... is this the rock forum? :D
Well I wonder if Trance will last as long as Rock, I don't think so ! :D

Hehe hello chriss ! :)
A form of trance will be around forever as rock music has only been around about 60 years tops. Music needs not to be so driven by the need to make money as it is to create something artistic and beautfiul. The charts are filled with too much commercialized crap, the world has changed too much since the 60's and early 70's to be peace-loving (Woodstock '99 is a perfect example). We just need more visionaries like Moby, Beck, u2, and Ani Difranco to take the world over.
Robert Miles' "Children" is a timeless track. This kinda trance will never dissapear.
I'm not sure if this is what the origional post was bout, but i want to say it anyway. The rock scene used to be good, not just the music, but the people too. Its become nothing more than a fashion for the trendys to follow. I know its pathetic, but i have actually cried because i feel like i've lost a whole lifestlye, just so that some wankers can have some fun for a couple of months.
Do you want some cheese with that wine??
Why don't you get off your *** and make it fun!!!!!!!
have fun now --because when you are old your kids are going to say
wow, dad when you were young did you go see Carl Cox, or Tool, or whomever
legend you want to pick to represent this era---if you say you haven't seen them-you let
this GREAT era in music pass --kind of like when I give my parents **** for not going to Woodstock.
You have to get up and find fun It's not going to find you!!!!

I agree with kaand. Your just lame.:-)) jus kiddin') Your just feeling the soul-sucking feeling of pure electronica...

tha jizzer
jizzer said:
I agree with kaand. Your just lame.:-)) jus kiddin') Your just feeling the soul-sucking feeling of pure electronica...

tha jizzer

There's no way you get ladies with that name.
Trance has not been around long enough to be considered timeless.

Liet is a w@anker anyway.
so you keep saying...

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you get it? sheep? people are like sheep being the title of the thread? come on, you know you want to laugh. its funny, its hilar - ahh forget it, my humor is wasted here.

you damn kids and your loud music.
actually, i'd be surprised and a little disturbed if anyone truly found that funny

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