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Monday, 24th September 2000

Author: Manuel Clement

Artist name: GoAhead
Song name: Tranquility of the mind
Page where you can download the MP3 file: http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/2/goahead.html

GoAhead's music is trancy, with clean melodies and square beats. The track is incorporating many of the classics (rolling snare drums on break, clap every other bass drum, phat chords building the main theme) which is not a bad thing if they want their track played in a club or mixed by a DJ, integrating perfectly to other tunes. So what we have here is a classic trance tune, without any big musical problem, decent. However, the track doesn't stand out enough.

The sound needs a mastering though, some compression. I found the 909 kick OK but the opened hat (HH) sounds a bit short and not powerful enough. Also, sometimes at last part of the track, some "pads" are coming along, creating a nice atmosphere, some deepness to the overall thing. THe thing is that these pads are not loud enough to make this deepness more important.

These are details, but if worked right, they would make the tune stand out.

Manuel Clement / onlineDJ.com

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Well produced track- sounds crisp and clean, but predictable in spots. I was calling the breaks and anticipating what was gonna happen next. I didn't get any surprises. Maybe I just haven't developed an ear for trance yet- did I miss the changes??

I am not sure if I am supposed to dance to this, watch movie credits as it plays, or grab my game pad and start fighting. THIS DEFINITELY would work on a game soundtrack.
A fighting sequence, or a race through a busy city- or even a shoot em up.

A very commercial track- and that is not a bad thing. I am sure you could shop this to some "suits" and make a few $$$$