(REVIEW) To the new world - DJ Marc

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Monday, 24th September 2000

Author: Manuel Clement

Artist name: DJ Marc
Song name: To the new world
Link to download the MP3 file: http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/164/dj_marc.html

DJ Marc's first track, "To the new world"... I have to say something important: most of the song mix is not synchronized correctly.

Kind of a minimalistic experimental techno style; The sound is not bad at all, however, the drums are not synchronized with the notes, which hurts my ear a lot. Even, at some point, one track is getting faster and faster, while drums are not.

I am opened to all styles of music and to experimentations, HOWEVER, I strongly recommend to DJ marc to open his sequencer and rethink the construction / rhythm of the main "dark theme" track. The track ends suddenly after a few variations.

Manuel Clement / onlineDJ.com

NOTE: Feel free to reply to this topic with your own 2 cents about this particular song.


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OK..well since ManoOne opened up the can- let me partake too.

I listened to this track when it posted as a request before the official review came out. I got to agree with ManoOne- in fact I am relieved that it I am not the only one who gets technical even when reviewing "free" music styles.

There are some rules you just can't break. Syncing the tracks - the drum tracks- is a necessary evil.
That made the rest of the track a pretty difficult listen.
But perhaps that was the desired effect???

School Me. I am a bit frustrated and unlearned about this type of music- but I thought trance was all technical and mainly about synchronization??

DJ Marc

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I can't say i disagree with both of you.
I myself think it is pretty crappy as far as the synchronization.

I am getting the hang of Buzz now so other tracks i make will be much better (i hope).

I just hope this track won't keep you from reviewing other tracks i may post.

But on the other hand, if we all started like pro's, making music wouldn't be a art.


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Well since it is your first track we can all forgive you.

Some trance-artists I've heard have used the little "trick" of reversing the beat, but that was intended and the beatshift layed on the halfnotes and not on the first quarternote.
M.O.G. use it in "Stream" sounds real nice. I don't remember others on-hand rigth now.

Even though, yes you can hear it isn't your intention Dj Marc.
Be sure to find the rigth place for your melodies.
In Buzz it is easy to move the entire melody forwards or backwards. Just press the "insert" key to move it down and the "delete" key to move it up.

Be carefull with the "delete". It'll delete the line you have the cursor on to make room.

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DJ Marc said:
I can't say i disagree with both of you.
I myself think it is pretty crappy as far as the synchronization. I just hope this track won't keep you from reviewing other tracks i may post.

:) No problem DJ Marc, we totally understand and support you in your music man, we hope you'll post more of your music (see our posts :))

It is all about evolution too, learning stuff etc.. and having fun, doing what you like to do. Have fun DJ Marc, and don't hesitate to share your stuff with the community.


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I will always listen to an artist if asked, especially if they want an honest opinion. I only have one to give- and I keep it straight up and on the level. If it is good- I will say it is good. And if it is not up to par- I will make constructive suggestions.

I only wish I had someone to listen to my tracks when I started doing this years ago. I ALWAYS thought all my stuff was great. And that is what people told me. I still got that tapes- it was not all that. But I had to start somewhere- it wasn't until I started comparing my stuff with what others were doing...that I realized I had some work to do. The internet came along and made it even easier. I can remember uploading my first MIDI files, and listening to MODs. I remember the original days of REAL AUDIO and Windows media. Then came MP3...and it was over.

This is an ideal environment for a developing musician (and even us advanced amateurs) to get feedback that will help us to shape our sound. We can learn from each other.

And that is what a review request is designed to do. I am happy to participate!!.

Keep making tracks DJ Marc- and I will keep listening. Guaranteed!! :D

DJ Marc

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Thanks all :)
And FUNKYG, and i know what you mean about the opinions.
Most of my friends who listened to my track said it was great.
That is nice to hear, but it's much nicer to hear a completely honest opinion and discover the mistakes made in the track :)