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Monday, 23rd October 2000

Author: Manuel Clement

Artist name: DJCJ
Song name: Slide
Link to download the MP3 file: http://www.mp3.com/DJCJ

DJCJ is a musician from Berlin, Connecticut (USA). His music is "From Ambient songs that slow you down. To Upbeat Dance music to get you movin" (from the info on his site). I didn't expect a tune like this: samples from storm, rain, sea, unusual sounds and tones, mixed with distorded beats and stereo synth lines. A good surprise.

The track often adds more elements, or different ones to the picture. The overwhelming storm sound looping in the back, as well as some of the synth lines are creating a creepy ambiance, reminding me some ambiance of the earliest horror movies.

I think this track is nice and interesting. A few constructuive comments though: the mixing (volume of teach parts) could be worked a bit (some of the synth lines are very loud, while the beat is almost whispering). Also, sometimes, too many different synth lines are playing at the same time, or are stopping suddenly. But these are small things, which can be refined. The experimental initiative is appreciated. Best wishes to DJCJ in his projects and future ;)

Manuel Clement


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Thanx man :)

Just wanted to say thanx for reviewing me!

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