(REVIEW) Kroot & FunkyG - Once Again

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Monday, 28th August 2000

Author: Manuel Clement

Artist name: Kroot - Ron Wayne Hatchett
Song name: Once Again
Link to download the MP3 file: http://chooser.mp3.com/cgi-bin/play...BDOGGpOeVTGlqs45LLv8eC0X7SnMs-/once_again.mp3
Artist's website: here

I was very pleased to discover Kroot with this song. It is the first song Incahoots ever produced, and as a first track, I can say that they are on the right track. It was composed as an hommage to Public Enemy.

"...Just chill Spend a few dolla dolla bills and take our mind off hard times and crime..."

The lyrics are well written and the flow goes well with the instrumental. Guitar riffs and smooth piano chords, sometimes a pad / etheral voice accentuates the key notes of the track.

The non-lyrical parts of the song, starting with a few very snappy TR808-909 clap sounds and followed by the very symbolic piano chords, are reminding me some of the early house (1985-89) produced by Rhythm Kings such as the Beatmasters and other Bomb The Bass. This is maybe not intentional but was appreciated.

Unusual and well achieved, a guitar solo pops up during the last minute of the track, followed by a smooth out-tro with warm voices, ending the whole thing with class.

Manuel Clement | onlineDJ.com

NOTE: Feel free to reply to this topic with your own 2 cents about this particular song.


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Let me start by saying that this is a good idea. I really hope people take advantage of feedback and giving feedback... this is so a great way to get better... LOL

I like the track and thought that it had a really polished sound. You guys spent some time on this and it shows... the production quality is great...

One thing... you guys need a stronger hook..
and the guitar at about 3:20sec into the song...I don't really like it. It's a bit 80's sounding..

I think it's a strong track beyond that.



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OK..somebody sent me a message to come and join this thread.
SO does that mean I can reply now?? I have been reading and watching- waiting to jump in! Thanks to all the feedback!

I am honored to be the first to have his head on the block - but I do believe I can still get up and walk away with my head held high. I may rethink my guitar solos though (just kidding!)

Props given to Manuel Clement! You did exactly the kind of review we undiscovered artists need! Great Feedback and I can see you even did your homework on Incahoots! Much Love for that! I can see good things to come from this forum.

The comments were excellent. I am glad to hear that you can "hear" what I was trying to produce. I even can appreciate the responses where changes were suggested. That is what I expected and wanted especially from other producers. It shows me that you may have done things differently, and widens my vision, allowing me to see what YOU hear!!

I have not even told Ron yet(aka KROOK- with two k's BTW- LOL!) but I will print out the comments and share them with him. I am sure he will be just as honored as I am.

Now..I can't wait to listen to some of your tracks!
And PLEASE- don't stop the flow of comments! And be as candid as possible!

Much Gratitude to the Crew at ONLINE DJ.COM for taking an idea (from lil ol me) and running with it!!

Leroy Watkins Jr. (FUNKYG)

Oh..and there are some other hot tracks on that site too...check em out!


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Hey... Great track.
I agree with Music that the Hook needs to be either stronger or ???

Also the beat was really nice. Clear that you all have mass talent and have put time and effort into making a song that will really appeal to a mass audience... I hope that you don't mind me saying that.. but it does have a mass appeal sound... which is not to top 40's sounding...:D a good thing...???

I am looking forward to more tracks from you guys...Keep up the positive work.



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Yeah, Smartiehouse has a point here I think, at least an interesting post. Although maybe some people will actually like these things she mentionned.