(REVIEW) In 1970... - PatientZero

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Monday, 24th September 2000

Author: Manuel Clement

Artist name: Patientzero
Song name: "In 1970 I was an atomic boy"
Page where you can download the MP3 file: http://mp3.com/patientzero

This huge (12 minutes!) track is a blend of disco, techno, funk, breakbeats, piano chordds, snappy 808/909, house-ish voice samples beats and deep garage basses.

Patientzero seems to have this DJ thing going on in his compositions considering the way his mix is made. There was a couple of times in the song where I thought the mixing had to be redone (at 6"20 for example), but in general this track is well made.

Definitly for clubs (and for charts/radios if the mix it to 3"30 ;)), a female voice could be added to the tune to make it a hit.

GO Patientzero, GO :)

Manuel Clement / onlineDJ.com

NOTE: Feel free to reply to this topic with your own 2 cents about this particular song.
I liked this track. I would have loved this track if the drums were a bit bigger. The kicks in the begining need to have more UUMPH!! that would have countered that wah guitar loop- Ahh-there at 2:35 - that is the type of KICK DRUM I would have preferred throughout the track. Loved the chimes- that was so 70's!!

This track has a real "live" feel- I kept looking around to "see" the DJ who was mixing this music.
Started to loose me around the 4:50 mark..that is when the traditional "house" rhythms started dominating the song- these are the same sounds I mimic when I make a "HOUSE" flavored track (on request- painfully I must admit- I never cared much for house music- but it does move butts!!!).
And I always say give the people what they want.

At 6:40 teh reverb on the piano makes the riff a bit more bearable- but I am looking forward to its demise. Track is seeming a bit long now.. 8:50 and I can sense an end to this dreaded house piano groove...yes...it is gone!

And the track will end with the FUNKYG GUITAR riff maybe-
NO!!!!! The return of the house riff. Oh well.. even my head is bouncing now. My chair is rocking = because my butt is trying to shake as I type. DAMNED HOUSE MUSIC!!
Damn, good house music (if you like that sort of thing :)- hehehehe).

Well done- perfect for the club. Keep them butts moving!!
Bigger drums for sure. Again not my style but I think you did a great job on the production. I think you should do a short version of this song??? Maybe?