(REVIEW) Higher State - DJ Chriss

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Monday, 23rd October 2000

Author: Manuel Clement

Artist name: DJ Chriss
Song name: Higher State (Go GO version)
Link to download the MP3 file: http://www.mp3.com/ChrissT

DJ Chriss is our very own Trancer :) It is a pleasure to see his collection of tunes grow (quite fast by the way). Although I am not fond of his first tracks, I have to say that Chriss is getting better every time.

"Higher State" sounds like a sequel to his previous track, "Energy". The words that comes to my mind are "joy, energy, club, friends", for both of these tracks.

This track starts right on the beat (very easy to place it in your mix or spin it in a club). A malet-ish sound comes in the picture, presenting the main theme/melody. The harmonics are full of joy and happiness (I can't help it, I repeast myself!). The classic off-beat bass is here too. At 2:30, a break comes in, pushing the few people still sitting to join the crowd on the dance floor. The melodies and parts are sticking together well (in my opinion, even more than in the track "Energy"). Every once in a while, a riff of claps comes in with delay/echo, adding a nice touch to the track. Same comments about the "Go, go, go..." sample.

I liked the way the song is put together. The bass drum is quite good, but I would change some of the closed and opened hats sounds. I believe this would make the track stand out more. But keeping in mind that DJ Chriss has no equipment at all (that's right he is using a free program called BUZZ, which requires quite some skills) to work on his music. Hats off. I can imagine DJ Chriss would do killer stuff with a Novation Supernova II rack or a Virus synth ;)

Manuel Clement


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Thank you for the review Mano! I'll just post this so I'll get reply notices if anyone has got other comments.

I'll see what I can do with the hihats. Should they be softer, harder, higher or lower in pitch? Ideas?

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I thought maybe some 909 sounds would be good (CH, OH..) but that's just me :) To make the song even more punchy

take care man :)


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higher state go go

this is a nice track;intelligent
is it sequenced sample or vinyl mix?
buzz software gets from what source?
i listened and dwnloaded
nice deep bass response for mp3 material

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Hey Trance Boy ! I'm listening to your tune, I agree with Mano...it's getting better !

Nice happy melodies, punchy track...well I'd like to hear it in a sunny place !

The melodies are nice, I like the riff of claps, it adds an "extra - touch" to your track...

Maybe you should try to explore a little bit more with the structure...always the same formatted structure in Trance tracks...but ok it's more for clubs, and I'm not a big clubber !

Good work Chriss ! ;)