[Request] & Turntable DJ wanted...


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Hey all...

XenofobiX (www.mp3.com/xenofobix) and walk skip run glide (www.mp3.com/walkskiprunglide) are looking for DJs of the turntable variety. Milwaukee or San Fran area would be great, but we're interested in anyone who's got talent. Both bands are eudamonic (you get back what you put in)...

Please take a listen, and contact us at xenofobix@telocity.com if you're interested.

Also, please let us know what you think of the music...

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Okay we'll check out the music, cool

About the DJs you need, make sure you post a message in the JOBS forum.

And... Welcome to onlineDJ.com :D

mano 1

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Yes this "unisgned artists" section is more for music reviews and stuff like that. Good luck with your projects man.

See you around