(REQUEST) Feedback. Please read!


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Hi all! I would very much appreciate some feedback on my currently released songs. They are available to you all for free (ofcourse :)) at MP3.com (www.mp3.com/starline). There are several reasons for this; first and foremost; I have about three new songs (soon to be completed, but isn't it like that always..? :) and I wonder which ones to release next. I would like to keep my current "theme" going, and I'm not sure which style is my most prominent. It's not easy for me to describe my own style since I'm up to my ears (literally!) in my own music every day and it all gets sort of "wore out", if you know what I mean..

So - any feedback at all would be appreciated greatly!
(you can reply to this board or email me directly at starline@starline-music.com, okay..?)

Thanks in advance!
Line Stjernen - Starline.