Remember your first time?


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Hey there guys,

Do you still remember the first time you opened up your DAW to make your first "song"? :bigeyes:
I do and I still remember how confusing and disenchanted I was trying to get "something" done.:berzerk:

Last week I felt sick and had some freetime so I decided to launch a website that tries to help beginners to get along and to archieve faster results in their music producing.

This is where you guys could really help me out! What do you think wants a newbie to know when he starts making music? Any ideas what topics should be taken care of? I would really appreciate your input! I thought maybe a "Where to get inspired for your tracks" section what do you think?

A first draft of the page can be found here: Music Production Infos - An orientation for beginners

Thank you for your time in advance!