Red Sound DARKSTAR, full review!


Crazy Clubber
The specs sounds pretty awesome in the pricerange!
I've only heard those samples you've put up.
How is it on pads and trance-stabs? - If you know, of course.

Oh. And how I love the Joystick - ring modulation. How is it?

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Yeah nice specs, it's great to be able to listen to some MP3 samples...and this joystick must be really a funny tool ! :)

mano 1

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Yeah this synth sounds very 70's... I don't think it is much of a PAD-MACHINE though, as you don't have any FX on board, plus other little things..

It is great for phat basslines, screaming leads, etc..
The joystick is interesting, you mix the two OSC volumes and the RING MODULATION level at the same time.


Crazy Clubber
Do you still have it around? I'd like to hear some more samples of its work if that's possible.
I can't get near it where I live.