Recording W/ OUT a mic stand; pros & cons


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whattup ya'll...

i just have a quick question.

i know that most people / studios record vocals w/ mics connected to mic / boom stands...BUT - what are some of the pros & cons to recording vocals while holding the mic in your hand???

is holding the mic in your hand a "bad" way to record vox (i.e., into ProTools)? are there condenser mics that are designed to be held by vocalists?


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Con: It introduces too many chances for variables...I have never seen an artist record without moving to the beat in some way. Moving the mic around could cause fluctuations in volume levels, as well as the chance that the person will brush the mic against something, face, nose, clothing, if they aren't paying attention.

Granted a well treated room or booth with a good signal chain should render the volume variations irrelevant but the chance of other noise is still there.

I don't see any situation where holding a mic would be preferred if you're trying to achieve the best possible quality recording you can.

Just me.


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Condensers ideally need be stablised cos they are so sensitive (stand and shockmount). If you need/want to record with mic in hand use a dynamic vocal mic as it's what they are designed for.



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i was mainly just considering a "practice" know...just something the grab and mess around on...

mic stands are kinda "sterile" @ times.


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It depends on what you plan and main objective is for that recording. If it is to observe and listen to your performance style and technique then, I don't see why its a problem.

However, if the plan is to make a professional studio recording of your performance. It is not a good idea for the reason already mentioned. Rumble, pops, rustling sounds and uneven vocals performances were unpopular for professional studio recordings last I checked.


Most people will prefer mic stands, but it's really not a big deal if you hold the mic. In fact, it can reduce the vibrations that can find their way up the mic stand (stomping feet, or downstairs neighbors included). Good vocalists will have excellent mic control, it's their job. They should be practicing it. A person should move toward and away from the mic depending upon the volume and intensity of the particular phrase, not stand still the whole song unless their vocal delivery is completely uniform through the whole track.

Some singers are known for laying on their back on the floor to record vocals (it takes pressure off the diaphragm, I believe), so anything's OK as long as it comes out sounding alright. If you're better when holding the mic, then do it. Just remember that mic control is a skill in itself and must be practiced.


If you're going to hold the mic in you hands, just make sure it's a dynamic mic. A condensor would be much too sensitive in picking up noises from you holding it.