Recording Artist Em Just Saved Pop Music with her YouTube Single Release “Hear Your Love”


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OMG! Em just saved pop music with her new single “Hear Your Love”; and I’m not sure which is better, the song or the video! Watch “Hear Your Love” on Youtube!

Indie Pop singer/songwriter Em brings a beautifully told narrative about true love to her visually stunning music video for her latest single, “Hear Your Love”. The video starts with Em in a huge, Cinderella-like castle while writing a letter—like they did in the olden days—to her lover during the 19th century. (Fun fact: her lover in the music video is her actual boyfriend! How cool!) The music video alludes to them staying together through music since they are so far away. This video is so touching because you can really see the historical and familial roots that Em put into her video.

Watch “Hear Your Love” on Youtube!

Not only has Em released a single, but she has also released her otherworldly 7-song project EM. On this project, the talented songstress finds herself collaborating with producer Chris Young on a musical direction that is lyrically rich in self-empowerment missives (particularly for women) and musically moves in a soulful pop direction, shades of goth ascending.

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m is not an amateur to the music scene! She has been successfully recording and performing music since the young age of 12. Now in her `20s following stepping stone periods with several high-profile producers and engineers, New Jersey-born Em is making a name for herself through musical and visual performance art that speaks one hundred percent from her heart and spirit.