"Record Producer from Dimension X"


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Hi, I'm Fenris. I'm the drummer/lyricist in a death metal band, and also a recording studio owner. We're still struggling to get our music together, so we haven't released anything as of yet.

I've written a novel called "Record Producer from Dimension X." It's a satire of the music business. There are so many things to make fun of that it practically wrote itself.

It's about a female metal band that poses as a crappy pop band in order to get a record deal. They become famous and cause worldwide chaos.

I've made a website for it. I'm going to post 3 chapters a week, so I can get comments & criticism and see if it generates any buzz. I don't know if it's publishable, so for now it's just for fun.

Here's the website: Record Producer from Dimension X


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You must be clairvoyant! I spent the past 6 years re-writing "RPFDX" and I recently self-published it as LOKI'S CHILD: a tale of music, revolution, and revenge.

Here's the new website with purchase information and a free sample:


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I pulled it for a few months to do some re-writes, but I'm finally 100% happy with it and it's once again available for sale.

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Famous last words!

I pulled it again and spent another year getting it right. I finished it on Independence Day, 2013 and it's once again available for sale.