Record Labels Group is looking for music: EDM, Rock/Pop, Rap.


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Hello dear colleagues!
My name is Lev.

I know many of you are here to share your own music, to find collaborations and to try to bring your music and yourself a level higher.
I'm sure you want to start working with record labels, to start publishing your music on all the major stores and streaming services that will be heard by thousands of people.

This is an opportunity I offer right now!

Much of us are afraid to send our own music to record labels, are afraid to stay unanswered.
But! This is not the case.
I will respond to each artist who contacted me.

With my team, we are growing 3 record labels for the following genres: EDM (electronic dance music), Rock/Pop and Rap.
There are many advantages we do offer and one of them: if you have a bad mixed track, we will even mix it for you if it has a good potential. There are no costs for you.
And this is how a normal record label works!

I will be really glad to receive your demos on my E-Mail if they were not released and published.
Let us talk about the details per E-Mail:

Please don't be afraid to send us your stuff.
We are looking forward for it!

Thank you!

Best regards


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Hey y'all, I founded this app called Droplet, which is a music/audio app for short sound bites. If you want to collab with people and listen to samples of their music, feel free to check it out: It's in beta for iOS but still a great community.