Reason 3.0 refill packer


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hello.. I am trying to download the reason refill packer 3.0 for mac but I lost my reason box with the license number and I cant download it off of the propellerhead site.. can anyone up the refill packer or tell me where else I can download it? I'd really appreciate it..

- Neil


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If you want to find your lost serial number all you need to do
in open Reason and click on the Help menu and then click
When the about window opens it will show you your serial number
Now you can download it from the propellerhead site like all us who
pay for it. Glad to help out.


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Hey breal thanks for the reply

hmm I've tried that already.. I clicked about and found a number listed there starting with RSN300 but when asked on the propellerhead site, it asks for a number much longer than the one displayed when I click on ABOUT. I tried entering it anyway but it wont accept it. I baught my reason on with my student discount.. I wish I didnt misplace that box:(