Ready For Akai MPC X?


The Live version looks nice. The X is impressive, but damn if I know anyone who prefers the looks of any modern Akai devices.

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The MPC Live looks like an Elektron box.
Make the buttons round and you'll fail a blind test.

I like the live too.
Price tag is still serious though....

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I'm not looking to replace my MV with the X just yet, there are many more standalone samplers to come this year. I am excited that Akai went back to its roots, this is the machine that should've been the Renaissance.

However, I do got a preorder locked for the MPC Live ;) and that will replace my MPC500 and DP008 and maybe many more little devices.


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It's very tempting.
Ive used older standalone MPCs and hated the workflow.
Never used MPC in software form and not really seen a decent comparison between it and the Maschine software I use currently...
But again... It is very tempting.
I always tend to feel it holding me back vs keyboard, mouse, midi controllers and reason. Maybe at some point you just grasp the DAW of your choice too much to ever wanting to change to anything else. At least, that's how it is for me. Perfectly content with Reason and loving Propellerhead :cheers:

P.S. I'm a sucker for red, black and lights :P Didn't like the grey'ish look of the old mpcs. I do like vintage stuff though, MOOG ftw, I'd put that in my living room as art any day :cool:
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