Read this before posting your sample links

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Cupcake God
Some users have been abusing the rules of this section by.
- Posting links to multiple albums
- Posting links to song downloads
- Asking how to rip songs from youtube.
All of which are against FP TOS. So from this point on the following will be implemented into this section.

You are only to post links to Youtube for sample demonstration purposes only. That was the purpose of allowing links to samples in the first place yet everything has a download link attached and many complain about not having access to downloads. It is not FPs responsibility to help you download music however it is FPs responsiblity to make sure that we do not get into any legal business due to violation of copyright laws. We all like to sample we all have fun thats all good and great and we want people to see how we flipped our samples too. But at this point with the large amounts of abuse to the system all sample download links posted on FP will be treated as piracy and will result in a ban. Youtube links are now the only acceptable format to be posted in the flip this forum. Also threads on asking how to steal the audio from Youtube will also result in bans.

Thanks for understanding
Not open for further replies.