rate my song please i just need to know what people are interested in


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What’s so happy about a birthday all these presents don’t mean a thing at all and all I need is for you to believe in me I know I say that but it’s not likely cause you’re staring at your phone is that girl you post you or a clone you know I’ve never felt So when you sing that birthday song and everyone is staring at me to see if I’m happy and it feels so wrong cause everybody knows you’re not happy at 14 and you know that you don’t belong my mom tells me that she’s trying I love her more than anything but if that was true why do I keep crying mom just keep on trying all the arguments between mom and him make me feel worthless and I know mom that you’re trying but when I’m crying I can’t help but think that the arguments were all my fault trying to remember what I did wrong but sing that birthday song and I know I’m not happy at 14. even though my birthday is the day celebrating me but to me, it’s celebrating all the hateful things and memories going through my head trying to remember all the good ones I have left but everyone knows your not happy when your 14 I stopped believing I just keep on grieving I keep on crying but just keep on trying but I know I don’t belong.