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There's a lot of thugs in my neighborhood so I try to keep it clean
So I grabbed my first glizzy and went on a killing spree
Remember Lil bird went and snitched on me
Used to mean something but now your dead to me
Now I got a strap on my back
That's why I pack
All you hear is those Glocks clap
I got racks I'm not your average civilian
I got expensive habits so I need the millions
So you see my reflection in the chrome Benz
Now the Opps trying to do me in
So I see one and shoot em up with all em friends
All you hear is Ak's, Glocks, and mack tens
Now I see shadows on the road again


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Hey there! would you mind giving us more information about the song? based from the lyrics, i'm guessing that it is a rap verse.