Rapper 'Swag' Busted For Running Massive Oxycontin/Drug Ring


An Everett, Washington rapper who once collaborated with Diplomats group member Jim Jones has been arrested for running a major drug operation just an hour outside of Seattle.

Budding rapper Swag and his label Paper Route Records, teamed with Jim Jones to release the song and video for "Swag'n" in February of 2010.

In the video for "Swag'n," Jim Jones and Swag are in Ferraris, while heading to drop off drugs, in exchange for cash.

Police claim Swag's portrayal of a drug dealer in the video wasn't fake - he has been charged with cornering the illegal market for Oxycontin in the city.

The rapper, born Jevon Lawson, has been charged with multiple counts of drug trafficking in Snohomish County.

Swag was also charged with being connected to the armed robbery of a Wells Fargo bank in 2005 that took in over $40,000.

An investigation into Swag's activities started around 2007, when sources told police they bought crack at the house he shared with another man, who has also been charged in the case.

Police found that Swag had been selling crack in the area since at least 2004, and that he stopped selling the drug in favor of illegal prescription drugs, which netted his gang more money.

Informants bought hundreds of the illegal drug from the rapper, who was also looking for a source to purchase up to 20,000 pills for $460,000 in cash.

Swag was known for carrying large amounts of cash.

According to the Everett Daily Herald, the rapper attempted to pass through Seattle-Tacoma International Airport with $15,000 in cash wrapped inside a Louis Vuitton carry-on bag.

He reportedly paid Jim Jones $100,000 in cash to perform for a concert and another $40,000 to Juvenile for a separate event.

When police raided multiple apartments Swag rented, they found more than $150,000 in cash, mostly stores in the freezers.

On the song "Swag'N" with Jim Jones which debuted on BET's "106 & Park," Swag appears to know he's being tracked by federal agents.

"It's obvious I'm being tracked by the feds/Cause I be bundling cash and stack like just I'm packaging bread…" Swag raps on "Swag'N."

Swag is being held without bail, because he is a flight risk.


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a rapper selling drugs and rapping about it gets caught up... what is there really to say about a situation like that? SMFH @ the name Swag


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I live twenty minutes from Everett, WA and can attest to the heavy Oxycontin use up here.

It's crazy - kids are smoking that sh!t off foil. Seen so many friends get hooked on that ish then go straight to heroine.

You make MADD bank if you slang it though. Because it's getting harder to find, usually an 80mg Oxy goes for $80 nowadays...

I have mixed feelings about Swag - I know some ppl that are associated with him personally, but I really can't stand seeing so many people getting hooked on that. On the other hand, I can understand his hustle... big $$$ in that...


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