Random Questions on Contracts, Leasing, & Selling Beats.


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OK, so I'm still in the learning stages of selling beats. So far, I've got copyrights down, and I'm now moving on to contracts. More so, leasing & selling beats and avoiding any legal issues. Eventually I'm gonna seek legal advise from an entertainment lawyer to help me out. But, here are just some questions I have right now:

-What's the process like selling beats online,
from Start to Finish?
(For Ex: Them buying the beat,
Paying for it, Signing their contract, sending them the
beat, etc.)

-I see a lot of these Leasing/Exclusive contracts
flying around FP and other sites. Are these even
OK to use, I'm just curious?

-How will buyers receive and sign their contracts?

-Would it cost to have a lawyer draw up a contract
for me? If yes, how much?

-What happens if I lease a beat to someone and
then sell the same beat to another person two
weeks later. Can the person I leased the beat to
first still use that beat?

-If some wants the tracked-out WAV files to a beat,
do I send him/her the WAV files already mixed with
effects & all or do I send them the WAV files raw and

-Let's say a major artist is buying a beat from my
page, and me not knowing who's on the other end,
that artist uses it for his album which goes on to
sell millions, do I get any royalties?
Cause at the
end of the day I wanna get paid if it blows up.

-And finally, any tips?