rakim vs kool g rap who puts words together in terms of rhyme schemes.

roots of evil

king of the world
Aiyyo when Rakim Allah attack, it's a wrap y'all relax
The arm in that, you show me where the party's at
Seminars and tracks, hors, comas, and cardiacs
Broads and cats screaming "Oh my God he's back"
Just imagine, I hit the lab and get it crackin'
A thousand styles in one verse, rhythms will switch patterns
Chicks get stabbed in the back, till they get spasms

the multisyllable rhyming is ridiculous

rakim >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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whoever got the dope multies with punchlines would be better imo...
i would have to check these guys songs out to figure out who rhyme better though, i dont listen to them, but i hear about them from time to time.
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I think G Rap is the all around better MC. Wordplay, rhyme schemes, punchlines, delivery, ect. They're in the same league so to speak as far as being developed when other MCs weren't, but I've always felt while Rakim was nice, G Rap was Rakim on steroids.


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I'm with Deranged on this one, but both those cats brought wordplay and rhyme style to a whole new level.


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On pure skill it hard to over look G rap. Like Kane, he was one of first cats doing the acrobat shit.
I know you had to be around back then to dig it (subjectively speaking, I still know the lyrics to paid in full today), but Ra sent shock waves when he dropped.
He flow, his voice, the 5 percent influenced content, and he was so serious.
The microphone fiend
Flow still nice
Oh ya, don't ya'll sleep on KRS-one either.


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G Rap as far as putting words together. Rakim as far as mental visuals that stick with you forever.

G Rap falls into that Twista category. It doesn't matter what he is saying....his words become an instrument with the music. If you want to take your time and understand what is said then it's a good journey to go on.

More my speed.
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^^All the gold teeth made it hard to dissect Kool G LOL.

Don't sleep on Rakim's acrobatic flow and word play:


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Realistically, to me anyways, any dude with a lisp that can get on the mic and do what G Rap does... And there aint one MC who could ever clown him for the lisp because the flow was so tight.