Protecting and Uplifting Musical Good Cheer and Musical Good Health Worldwide and In Our Lives

I really like what this guy is saying, how he's saying it, and I think it's true.
As pro audio creators and musicians (and some performers), we're already involved and you and the rest of us already know what's at stake. We like nice things and good cheer and musical partying and we prefer to both create and share and receive it too.

We know it's part of the glory of happiness and wellness whether dancing or not.

I like the timing of this video too. It's part of the demystification of the (sexy(?!)) TikTok stuff which is not necessarily an internet security threat, but a cultural renaissance in stark contrast to some hardliners trying to take away youth's freedoms and happinesses. I'd rather make them happy than take away their happiness and freedoms. Young or old, if you care about being happy and maintaining that in others and yourself, you probably gained from that video too. I think it's OK for girls and anybody of any age to have joyfulness in their lives. 1 in 3 females are raped within their lifetimes, so the video mentions a similar statistic. How about giving them happiness instead of trauma? SERIOUSLY. And that's why we're music makers.

Peace be with y'all.
Sincerest good wishes.

Heiwa, namaste, pyongyangheiwa, konichiwa, MIR, guten tagen, salaam+shalom
May Peace Prevail On Earth, as it does in Heaven, within our lifetimes.

Never stop making good music and good music tools!

and thanks for reading this clever people!

(The Honorable Front 242 from the "Pulse" album)
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