Promote and Make Money With Your Music Conference!

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Singers, Mixing, Mastering, Promote and Make Money With Your Music Conference!

Live Zoom conference going on tomorrow Wednesday Dec 16th 9am-5pm PST. Stop by at any time.

100% FREE - This FREE conference covers a lot of great topics! Art & Heart Conference

8:58 Entry music
9-9:15: Maya Azucena Live Performance
9:15-9:30: Honey Intro
9:30-10:00: Dr. Suzanne Hanser - The Importance of Music and Musicians Being Essential
10:05- 10:35: Tiffany VanBoxtel- Singing tips and tricks-VOCAL WARM UP!
10:40- 11:10: Brianna Ruelas- How to get your music mojo back. Daily success rituals
11:15-11:45: David Brownstein- virtual production/communication/breakthru records
11:50-12:20: JR aka john Rogers mixing/mastering
12:20-12:50: 30 min Jullien Gordon Money Mastery
12:50-1:10: LUNCH BREAK Honey Welcome back-deep breathing-straws-reiki share
1:10-1:50: Michele sync licensing and pub
1:55-2:25: Mike Loco - Playlisting- Radio-meta data
2:30-3:00: Simon Kingsnorth DIY marketing
3:05-3:35: Kosha Dillz- DIY self starting
3:40-4:10: Matt Bacon- Monetizing tiktok-6 month plans
4:15-4:45: Hani Cheng- Grounding energy-yummy framework
4:50-5:00: Honey Thank yous and wrap up FB
5:05-5:30: VIP ONLY Q&A with Tamara Bubble

See you there!

Art & Heart Conference