Project rocker - III - different sound - metal

Have fun when you goes into the studio to record this. That riff that starts the song (and also ends the song), which I assume is the chorus/hook section is really good. It sounds really dark and ominous, sounds like something I would have used on my project. Do something exciting leading into this part. Maybe some drum fills right before, maybe the bassist can slide or the guitarist does a sick ass dive bomb (and switch things up so it isn't the same right before leading into each section but similar.) But you did a good job at the end when you went back to this section so it may need that type of flavor only once in the song.

I could tell the solo section wasn't ironed out yet, but it's so nice to hear more solos as a lot of the newer bands don't have songs with solos. When you do go into the studio cut the section I referred to earlier multiple times then switch and do overdubs with a different amp and in a slightly higher register just to accent some of the notes.

The bridge section before the solo was the only part I wasn't too sold on. Not because it wasn't good but because it didn't seem to fit the tone of the song to my ears. However, it would be great to hear a slow variation of that at the start of the song and then go into the section that you originally started the song with.

Good job guys.

Where are the other songs?
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Thank you so much for the advice's!!!

We will post the others songs on youtube, I will send to you a notification when I post and I will post here theses songs!