Just had an email that made my day and wanted to share because it's a step forwards in regards to what I do with my music (so it's kinda a shameless plug).

My song 'Edge of the Light' from my new EP, Nothing Lasts Forever, is being broadcast on BBC radio this evening, as part of their Introducing show for new artists. (first time I'll receive radio airplay so I'm absolutely amped!)

Anyone who wants to hear it, the link is BBC - Hereford & Worcester BBC Introducing in Hereford & Worc...

It's a small step, but a step in the right direction so I wanted to share because it feels like hard work is starting to pay off...and this has inspired me even more!



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cheers mate, good news for you :)

Just yesterday i heard about the BBC Radio submission thing, wich is unfortunately only for UK based artists.
Did you used that or how did they found you?