Production Room Design Questions


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My brother studied music production and sound engineering. He and I had a conversation the other day about making a makeshift mini production room with one of our free rooms. I got a tad bit excited and was started browsing through an online store for mid century furniture because why not? And mainly because I wanted it to look more posh.

I don't like the usual look of production rooms that were tinged with black sound proofing thingies, alongside the bland mix of the occasional grey and brown. I wanted it to look more unique and fun rather than being a dreadful box just made solely for making music. We're in a mini argument though, as he does like the design of the stereotypical studio because he thinks that everything serves a purpose of their own–bland as it may be.

I'd love to hear y'all's thoughts, I'm pretty sure the only thing where things are fully functional are within the recording booth itself, but the control room thingy outside should be completely customizable, right?


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Yes and No.

Sorry I missed this; I would have answered sooner. There are some pretty extensive discussions of room treatment and such in the “Recording, Mixing, & Mastering” forum. Without repeating all that, I’d say look there, scan the Web for the voluminous discussions and articles on room design, but YES— Everything in a studio or control room has a purpose, and is not just random interior decoration or feng shui. Listen to your brother!