<<Producer/sound engineer>> need rap vocals.


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psst; first post🥳🔥 psst; first post 🥳🔥

Any attention is appreciated, but please, only if you're willing to sacrifice hours. I hope to find the person that is willing to climb those steep ladders


I decided to check out some music-related forums for a collaborator. I have my hopes high

First of all, let me introduce myself.
Quick and easy:

  • I'm a man that happens to live in Norway. I was also given the name Martin.
  • I was born in 1997, April. Which tells my age of 23 y/o
  • My absolute dream is to create music for a living.

Me (producer)​

  • I started producing 3 to 4 years ago, which started as a hobby.
  • All beats and productions that I produce inside my home-studio, are and will be posted on SoundCloud (as for reference check)
  • There has been spent an incredible amount of time doing live recordings in my studio. (There will not be any live-recordings until the whole COVID situation calms down.)
    For that reason, I've also cathed a big interest in vocal mixing&mastering. Not very long ago I invested in requirements for smooth as fuck vocals.

    Shit, I spent 3 000$ on effect plugins, never have I been able to get this sound before. I can't wait to collab!


Mission: One fully accomplished track
Genre: Hip-Hop/rap
Subgenre: Saucy Trap

There is no specific type of rap required, I am very flexible and open-minded. If you happen to sing and not rap, don't hesitate to hmu. God, I'd love to hear some good vocals on the chorus!

🤞'd fingers

SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/martin-bergh-778122751
Contact (can also on DM SC/IG)Mb.beats@outlook.com

Martin Bergh
Thank you
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