Post pictures of your studio!


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This is my studio set up..i left out my records and my ada8000 ya go





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tone19141 said:
bnkrecords, which unit are you in?

At the time of those pictures, I was with a medical unit. I was in charge of the armory and Convoy support.

Im a sand sailor. Meaning I'm in the navy.


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kang said:
Here u go guys... Nuffin much 2 it.

I'm gonna move all those boxes outta my room this weekend. Thats what makin it looks to cramped and messy.

I'm gonna set my mic up where the box wiv the red bag ontop of it is. Gonna have the vocalist facin the wall. Good idea?


hey which behringer monitors are those. the b2031A or the b2030A?


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loh90 - I use the Behringer b2031A's. I love em. Took me a few months to learn their sound and now my mixes come out very well.

I wanna get a 2nd pair just 2 A/B compare my mixes, not Behringers tho... I'm gonna wait a while tho, haven't got the money at the mo.


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loh90 said:

hey which behringer monitors are those. the b2031A or the b2030A?

I know this aint my studio but if you look at the boxes youll see that they are the 2031a unless he has two different sets


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These are older photos but you get the idea. Missing are an Alesis Ion and dual 17s and a new leather chair :)
Well, I cant find out how to put my pics from my phone on the net, but here is my gear list...

Adobe Audition 1.5
To a good computer...
I know it's an amazing setup.
loh90 said:
here's my 'studio' if you wanna call it that. lets just say a setup, im only 15 so money is a big obstacle so i aint got that much, but regardless we still make that fire.

Left Angle w/ my 3 new boxes of vinyls

Right Angle 1

Right Angle 2

Front View

Side view of the vinyls mpc and turntable
LOL @ Rich ppl " My funds are limited now cause im 15 "
Yeah I can see that, you only have a few G's worth of gear there... That is so sad, the world is so cruel.

lil antman

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....why do people say stuff like that bro..that **** kinda pisses me off...he may be rich or he may have worked for his **** and saved money like i 15..


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^^ I agree man. People piss me off when they say that bout my gear.

I worked my ass off for a year straight and i saved up to buy most of the stuff in my lab and so i could pay off the stuff i got on credit.

I've got a few payments left to make and i'm in the clear.

Granted my parents have money but while i'm uni i'm in the same boat as every other student... i'm SKINT! I'm strugglin 2 get by on my student loan, i have 2 work.

Some people are straight ignorant.

Who cares if someones parents got him his gear... they must see his talent and are doin all they can to nurture it.

The only thing my parents got me was HALion and that was just to give me a push. Everything else came out of my own pocket.


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dont be so offended.

when things are just handed to people, *especially* young people, they dont appreciate them. now thats not a slight on you or anyone else, its just a fact. thats how humans work. guy was just assuming that you must not have worked for that gear, based on your age. to be honest i woulda agreed with him. i dont see how a 15 year old gets cash.... except the way i did when i was 15. the only way ive ever seen someone your age get 'ahead' like that is by slingin somethin, or 'help' from the rents. how do you earn money at 15?

plus, jealousy is also human nature, haha, keep that in mind....



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yeah my family's rich, but my parents dont buy **** for me except food, some clothing and a place to live. everything else i had to buy myself. pc + lcd monitor (seperately) + speakers, turntable, vinyls, keyboard, mpc. all the **** wasn't a couple Gs cuz i know how to spend my dough. half the **** i got used. vinyls i bought in lots, turntable i bought used for 75$, mpc i got cheap for 200$ but the flash drive broken. the only thing i bought new was the keyboard and pc.

i got the money by saving up every penny i ever got. just saved it all up in the bank. birthday money, xmas money whatever it was. just stashed it up. but really, my parents never gave me any present that was over 20$. only now im getting older they give me more cash for presents on bday and xmas. also just saved up by selling cds and ****. also get paid here and there for beats so u know always saving never spending money on **** i dont need.

and anything i can bootleg i do it. never spend anything that i can get for free.


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nwo504 said:
dopest keyboard out(well for me that is)

I'd suggest raising your monitors and not having your keyboard blocking the bottom 1/4 of the left woofer.

And maybe placing them, you know, evenly.