Pop Beat "Night Vibes" Instrumental



Chill vibes!
I think the chord progression is a bit cheesy, this progression is used a lot in pop songs.
At 0:27 i seem to hear a wrong note? Something the piano plays doesn't fit in the chord. At 0:48 I hear this as well, and further in the song.

You have a nice basis here, but you could make this more interesting. I think it needs a melody, could be synth or vocal.
You can listen to other artists for inspiration; I think Kygo fits your style, or Lost Frequencies.
Also a so-called 'B-part' is needed. A phrase or break, something to give more variation in the structure of the song.
You can try to mimic the song structures and layers that they use. In fact, you can learn a lot from recreating other artists songs that you like!

Overall, you have a nice sound already. Keep up the good work!


If you want, please listen to my track and give some feedback. Much appreciated!