Pop Artist EM Sounds Very Lana Del Rey in New Song Say What You Mean


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The new single from pop singer/songwriter EM, “Say What You Mean,” is out now! You can definitely hear the Lana Del Rey influence throughout this romantic tune. “Say What You Mean” is a soulful pop song that goes straight to the heart and soul of relationships. Listen on Spotify here.

Em’s video for “Say What You Mean” is also representative of Lana Del Rey in regards to her storytelling. It portrays the Divine Feminine in a cinematic style – women of today but through a 50’s and 60’s lens. She shot this sensually and supernaturally mesmerizing video with director Parris Mayhew. Watch it on YouTube here.

Em says this song represents the “ethereal, emotional side of her writing.” She thinks of herself as a huge hopeless romantic and just wants someone to love her with every fiber of their being. “Say What You Mean” sees Em sending an ultimatum to her partner, by talking about honesty and the essential role it plays for the success of a relationship in the long run. Listen to “Say What You Mean” on Apple Music here.

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