Please Welcome Our New Moderators!


Character in Spades...
After quite some time here at FP with only myself and krushing trying to mod the site and keep things flowing with a semblance of organization, we have finally been able to add some fresh new faces... uh, avatars to the moderator crew.
Ladies & Gentlemen, Please put your hands together one-time for our new "it" crew-- B Side Producer, MuhalXtra1387, OGBama, scrapheaper, KelevraOne, wildinout8, and The Funk Junkie. krushing and I will continue to be site moderators as well, so now we have a better chance of nipping the spammers, trolls, and bots in the bud a lot sooner.

Thanks to all of our new moderators for picking-up the gauntlet/sword/lasso-of-truth/whatever thing it would be that you'd pick up as a new mod, and putting in the extra effort to make FP an even more awesome place!

We also have a list of many of the suggestions that have come in from our members, and will also be looking at how to keep the FaceBook page and other social media more up-to-date and integrated. Stick around and stay tuned, but for now, another round of applause for our new mods! :victory: :D
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Thanks for the opportunity to become a more important part of the FP community.

I'll do my best not to mess everything up :P