Please Help.... Yamaha Djx2 With Fruity Loops


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Hi i have just purchased fruity loops 3 and a yamaha djx2 connected to my soundblaster live game port through MIDI, i havent a clue how to set it up properly, i connected the djx2 and started fruity loops and all i can do is start and stop a loop by pressing a note on the keyboard(in pattern mode) or stop a loop playing with the stop button on the keyboard. please someone help! am i missing some sort of software or drivers??


Check the tutorial out below. Also I would recommend u be in song mode instead of pattern mode.

Also take the MIDI OUT on keyboard to MIDI IN on computer.

Now go to the midi settings in FL and set up the midi settings there based on your sound card and other info. I dont remeber of top b/c I havent used FL in a minute and plus when I did it wasnt to the exstent that I could tell u everything about it.



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