Please help me change key of a sample on edison (fl studio)


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Hello i need some help im wondering how can i change the key of a whole sample of a song on edison and then put it into my playlist in that key

i have an akai mpk mini and when i press the key i want itll play the key in that sample but i dont know how to record this or get it to do it on the computer

i tried dragging the sample, putting it in piano row, and changing key but that didnt work either

here is a screenshot of what i mean

in the corner it says previewing key G because im pressing it but i want to make this permanent



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There's a few ways to do this..

The easiest is:
1.) just drag the sample into the playlist
2.) then go to the channel settings (in the step sequencer) >> Time stretching >> Pitch
3.) change the pitch nob to whatever key you want (each 100 cents is equal to a semitone)
..So say the key of the sample is C originally, and you want to change it to G. You would either adjust the nob to -500 or +700. Doing it this way will not change the tempo of the sample at all, and I think that's what you want. Then you can experiment with the Stretching method to see which one sounds the best.. (Tonal and Pro Transient work for me)


If you really want to do it in Edison, load the sample, click the wrench, then go to Time stretch/pitch shift.. (or Alt+T)
..change the Pitch coarse nob (already in semitones) to what you want, accept, THEN drag the "copy sample" button (see pic) into the playlist or back into the channel settings wave display.


*Whichever way you decide, you will always have to drag the sample into the playlist after changing to the key you wanted, and that will create a another new track.
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