Petition Roland JP-8000 remake(Or at least the panel & Feedback OSC).


I've been waiting and waiting, and I'm baffled as to why specifically the layout of the JP8K's panel wasn't recreated in a newer version by roland or any other synth manufacturer. Since ~2002, I always just assumed 'oh well maybe next NAMM'.

Someone I know sent the email below to Roland and every other major synth manufacturers a few months ago. They asked me to post this on forums and get some 'all in favor say I' to link this thread to synth manufacturers in a few weeks to 'Submit New Product Ideas'.

Now, I know possibly the JP can be used as a midi controller for other software or hardware synths but it's quite dated and maybe there'd be some problems with that and mapping isn't nearly as a joy as plug-and-play modern controllers. Also, many of the JPs are starting to break, so even if you were to map software to all the JP's controls (and if it can even be saved), there's always that worry that things are going to start breaking. Regardles, it would still be grand to have a new hardware synth though with similiar interface (and feedback OSC). According to Wiki, "the JP8K was viewed at the time as the modern digital incarnation of the classic Roland Jupiter-8, from 1981". 15 years later in 1996 the JP8K came out. That was 21 years ago.

There might also be a midi controller board that has a similar interface but I haven't found it yet if it does exist. I would be happy with even just a controller (including the JP's joystick as mentioned below).

An email someone sent to roland and basically every other synth manufacturer:

Your synth design engineers or whatever the ***k they like to call themselves
are a bunch of ******g m***ns, ever since the JP-8000 was released in 1996 and
they have somewhat abandonded the path lead by the genuises who created
JP-8000. The JP8K is near perfect in many ways but many features are gone
since 1996. The JP8K is a flagship, your first analog modeling synth, and a
******g classic sometimes underrated but mostly praised.

Sure the analogs jupites are what the aficionados talk about but the JP8K
is right up there with those. You recently remade the jupiter and a few other
classic analogs, to a very minor degree boutique version which are all out
there probably broken and costing thousands and thousands to
keep repairing if even salvagable. I know the boutique remakes focus on recreating the original tones but I'm mostly talking about panel control interface of the JP-8000, although the tone is also great.

The JP8K layout, I don't even have to explain, just look at it. It has
probably nothing to do with anyone that still works at Roland. Everything is
perfectly laid out. ASDR for each envelope, each osc has it's own section instead of a toggel button. Menue diving is fine to an extent but people are willing to pay more to not menue dive you know that. And many
players don't want small compact keyboards with less knobs and sliders that is often made nowadays - 49 keys on the JP is almost not enough,61-88 is better. Why do you think a piano has so many ******g keys. If I want to menue dive and am not using true analog hardware, then I'll use a software synth and midi controller for half the cost of a menu diving "analog modeling synth" and get ~100 times more sonic possibilities. True, many roland synths post JP8K have a great layout but here are a few things your ******g synth designers need to get through their ******g heads:

1) I don't know who the **** decided not to ever incorperate this with any
other Roland synth: The lower left side's mod stick pitch bend / ribbon
controller / LF0 2 controll section is ******g brilliant. You can
quickly controll so much at once with it, without having to
program a bunch of mod wheels. You can pitch bend while adding lfo amount,
while changing LFO Rate and Depth knobs, and also use the
ribbon controller at the same time with your palm. This type of controll
might sound ridiculous to you or your "synth engineers" but they just don't
get it. I would even add in a few D beams to use my head with.
It's about real time controll. The JP mod stick I just explained can't even
be done with one or even a few mod wheels plus a pitch bend stick/wheel. Why
the ***k would you NOT ever remake something similar?

Another thing is the JP's filter res and cut are close together SLIDERS, not
******g Knobs. This means they are much easier to adjust simultanously with
one hand while playing. I can do the same with most filter res cut
Knobs but it's no where as effective as two Sliders. If a synth player never
though of simultanously tweaking filter cut and res, then I'm sorry for them.
The LFO 2 knobs near the previously mentioned MOD stick would also be better
as sliders.

2) The feedback osc: Why the ***k would you NOT ever remake that (besides in sh-201 and possibly V synth to my knowelge), and also as poly
(JP is only mono). What other synth sounds like that out of the box if at all through tweaking? I did some googling about feedback oscs and found some audio examples of people trying to recreate them but they don't sound anything like the JP's. And the JP has a very full range of harmonic variation.

Presets: this is sort of a big deal. I have yet to see any VA/A synth ever come close to the quality of most of the JP presets. The MS2000 is pretty good as are some other synths from the late 90's early 2000's era but the JP's are are ******g
brilliant, they were a project in themselves. As much as it's kind of like cheating or uncreative to use presets, there's something to be said about the presets of the JP8K and some other synths vs the presets in a lot of newer synths.

Look on ebay how many JPs are ******g broke what a shame, and how many out
there are fried or low output etc problems etc. I'm sick of buying more and
more JPs and baby'ing them and they still break and cost too much to fix. I have several as back ups, plus the 8080 rack.
Since 2002 I've been waiting for the new version and never did it happen.

Why would you abandon the JP! Remake the JP in a new version! ********
Don't get me wrong, I'm interested in the jd-xa and system 8, but once you get used to the JP's lower left mod stick LFO2 controlls (and slider cut and res, adn feedback OSC), everything else is not on par
with controlls regardless of new sonic capabilities.
Please forward this to all departments for all the idiots to review and hang
their heads in shame at the ***t they make. I am also sending this to Korg
Clavia novation davesmith access arturia etc. Maybe they will take note. Your synth designers
are a disgrace to the people who designed the JP-8000!


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This email is pretty confrontational! But i'm 100% for some sort of revisit of the jp8000. Easily my fav synth from the 90's


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