Paid Lessons - Hope I'm not breaking any rules


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Hello All

I've been registered for a short while but this is my first post. So hello to everyone. Some very useful threads on here and for a newbie like me it is highly appreciated. Thanks to all who contribute

I want to learn beat making/music production. I have had some tutorial lessons, all with Presonus Studio One, but I consider myself very much an amateur/beginner. I learn best from personal lessons so I have decided to seek and pay for one on one lessons. I have a presonus monthly subscription so knowledge of Studio One DAW is handy for the tutor but I can also get a 3 month Ableton Live free trial. So Ableton can work also, It is one of the most popular DAWs right?

I hope I am not breaking any forum rules here but basically I'd like an experienced hand for lessons at well, reasonable price, you know just show me the ropes and also I plan to post on the forum more and just exchange ideas and see how we can grow in this passion.

Anything anyone adds here to point me in the right direction will be highly appreciated.

Oh... genre would be mostly urban, hiphop etc but I'm open to knowledge!

Many thanks again