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THE ONE: Progressive Plucks 2 [The One] :: Beatport Sounds

If you look for top notch Sylenth pluck presets, or inspiring progressive MIDI loops - then you've come to the right place.

Plucks synths and Sylenth1 is a solid combo, meaning you can't miss out on getting this package.
If you're into Progressive House, Deep House, Trance, or into similar genres, then this package is a must have for you.
By getting these sounds you'll have a powerful library at your disposal, ready to be used in your music.

The presets feature lots's of subtle modulations to make the patches highend stabilized and balanced ones, all the way from a fully closed pluck sound, to when it's fully opened.
This involves full utilization of the Mod Wheel to have full control of the openess of the sound. Not to mention the patches uses the Sylenth1 synth at its fullest.

The MIDI loops will immediately spark your creativity and get you going, with perfectly composed melodies that will sound rich and full on your pluck synths or other sounds.
These melodies features powerful usage of Velocity editing, to make the sound playing the melody sound more natural and engaging.

By listening to the demo song you'll instantly feel the warmth, and how you can spice up your music.

Full specifications:
- 24 Sylenth pluck presets
- 40 MIDI loops

If you repost our demo song for this package on Soundcloud, you receive a 50% discount code on this kit.
Note that you need to send us a message on Soundcloud us once you've reposted the track to receive the discount.
This offer expires April 22nd.