Our video on our re-working of Heroes (Bowie)


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Hi everyone. This was the first video produced by my band. We do everything by ourselves (screenplay, shooting, visual effects, editing). It's a DIY product of amateurs.

The song is our cover/re-working of Heroes (David Bowie).

We used a simple full-hd Sony HandyCam for most of the scenes. For some sequences in stop-motion (the puppet symbol of the band) we used a smartphone camera.

We use green screen background (a cheap one bought on Amazon together with a very cheap lighting system) and a lot of CC0 stuff (both photos and videos) from Pexels and Pixabay.

And we use Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate for video editing and simple visual effects.

Any feedback is welcome.



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I just bought a green screen and made a thread about it.
This video gives me some good ideas of what i could do with it.
Nice video and tune.