Orphan Girl (Instrumental Version) (Pop)

Wrote the lyrics but haven't recorded the vocals yet, thought it would be cool to upload it as an instrumental also and get some early mixing feedback. Appreciate any feedback on the melody too.


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cool vibe bro; I guess it depends on what you want the focus of the track to be that would decide on where emphasis should be in the mix; but as an instrumental I feel like the sides are like 6db too loud in comparison to the middle. cool chords you're using , the is a pretty musical track, almost reminds me of disco? curious what vocal ur gonna throw on it. is there any sub bass? I would have checked with SPAN but my sound flower isn't routing audio from the internet anymore. the kick could use a lil bump in the 50's - yeah listening a second time now, the instruments are def loud . I bet you could do a subtle side chain on the instruments group, like barely noticeable pump, and it would accentuate the groove you have going on. that bass line is groovy af would be nice to give it some attention in the mix
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