Organic/Blues/rock artists I've been working with


Character in Spades...
Hey, sounds real nice so far!

A couple of thoughts on the instrumental wip ("Price to Pay")-- maybe you want to try and vary the amount of "leslie" effect on the organ patch, I think it would have more impact and sound more real. Maybe some reverb (maybe even a lot of reverb in parallel) on the rainstick; it will give it more sustain and help smooth out the very short/stacatto ending (the stick was tipped pretty fast).

The singer sounds a bit like a rock/roots/blues guy I worked with, Mark Lenkei: Mark Lenkei | Pay to Play | CD Baby Music Store ... Kind of in the Dire Straights bag.

Here's some of my Blues stuff: Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Stars | Blues Power | CD Baby Music Store

Make sure to post more finished versions; look forward to hearing them...

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Cheers for your feedback rhythmgj.

You know what, the version I've added of 'Price To Pay' must be an old one because I spent a bit of time working on varying the Leslie effect...great minds think alike!

But yes, I will keep updating the page as we progress.

Nice one