Only oppose me as one of many


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A short summary of my situation is in the Music Breakroom

I have some ideas for structured production battles I would like to start in the following several months.

What are the variety of ways you usually go about it?

You should start networking and preparing for me now. I assure you, you will be schooled.


I fuck more shit up than Phantasmagoricwisdom, nigga
no literally, I’ll fuck your shit up in the anal tube,
forget the rectal lube, I use Elmer’s glue, nigga
Go number one in your number 2 poop shoot, nigga
you a weak as wigga, I’m a nigga wit attitude,
fuck you sideways, call that latitude,
got a foot long dick, that I play foot ball with
get your tits all slick, ref says, “good call, trick”
like i just did some magic shit,
nigga, ill show you what tragic is,
David Blaine’s ass is actually ripped,
turned him into an Angel, Criss
Crisp toast with every riposte,
like I spit roasts, and choke holds like Kimbo
cause I rip throats so pen notes, *****
this blows, but in a good way, like my chick knows
c'mon son, Hopsin is a legit GOAT,
he slayed K-DOT and Kanye both!
Pepe le pew jokes, (stank hoes) pepper you with a few quotes
“You ain’t got the answers”
on Sway’s show, you’re gay, bloke.
fuck Kanye though, mac miller too, you cheesy bro
rip apart your favorite rapper like play dough
R.I.P the Jacker, ‘cause he jacked off with sand paper,
I’m the black knight, nigga
i don’t fight fair like nightmares,
and I’m light years ahead, with my Buzz,
while you’re stuck getting drunk on light beer
Got my Woody right here, no impolite stares,
i’ll fuck you down 2 flights of stairs,
like 9/11 all over again,
I’m noddin’ off now, I’m in heaven
with 72 virgins and I already fucked eleven.
Another 7 gave me head my brethren,
welcome to my terrorist attack,
now get to steppin', ‘cause terror is back.
and you about to get stabbed,
like a nigga, by a nigga, in bad horror film.