One Of My First RNB Beats Ever


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To be honest, it's very mainstreamish for my tastes. Don't get me wrong, I like the melodies used in it, and it's mixed very well. If you were trying to get this song on the radio or 106 and Park, you would definitely be a shoe-in. So, if that's the type of style you were going for, you nailed it. It's just not my scene, though.

So, all in all, great production on the song with nice melodies. The style of the song just isn't my taste, but I appreciate music enough to give pats on the back where it's due.

Hopefully you return the favor:


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Good looks yall...I return feedback 100% ONLY if you drop links

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Well done, I like the reverb on the claps, fairly catchy too, good piano work as well. I kinda wish it had another section/change-up/bridge of some sort though, It might help break it up a bit. Very cool, not my style but I dig.



It seems to generic. I'd replace the pac man sounding synth with something a little more unique to take that feeling away. I don't really think it fits well anyway. Everything else is nice. I like the percussion. Wish it was panned left and right instead of just left. Use some automation. Strings are nice. I like the bridge but I feel like it needs one violin playing in there and then going into the final chorus. I think that would tie the beat up nicely.
beat works but at 50secs Id drop some ish out instead of adding and leave some space for some rapper or singer to do there part. do that and it wud work well