Old school Hip Hop Home studio


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Hello everyone on this Forum.

I am a 17 Year old guy from Switzerland and I am a very big fan of Hip Hop and especially Hip hop producing.
I want to start making one of my dreams true, and that is to have a Studio in my attic. I am intrigued by the Old school way of producing and I already have an E-mu SP1200 and a decent Microphone to record. Even tho I have an SP1200, I am not sure, what else I would need to have a full functioning studio. I want to know, is it enough if I have the SP1200, a turntable and a mixing console, or is there more that I need. Ive been going through the Internet and I found a lot of different ways to do it. But I want one that closely resembles the way RZA or J Dilla produced their stuff. If anyone could help out, it would be Amazing. Thanks in Advance!