not able to sample?

r there possible elements of songs that u will just never be able to isolate to sample? producers seem to b able to get any instrument they want out of a song they're sampling without keeping the stuff that they dont want in it. is there anything u jus cant EQ out or get rid of? im new to sampling btw
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big timothy

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I'm pretty sure you can never completely isolate any one part of a song. You can lower the frequencies on the other parts you want but you can never take them out. The beatmaker can make it sound like there's nothing else but the part of the sample he wanted but i think its just filtering and eqing to get the other sounds as low as they can get them.

And others please correct me if im wrong because i prolly am lol


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Timothy is right, all you can do is filter, eq and fuccwitdasample, Everyone knows its impossible to isolate any one part of a song, well.. theres always the phasing thing you can do which will sometimes give you an acca or instru on some stereo records...